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Stephanie Radler
Founder & Owner DSNYC



Yoga in the Workplace


Helping to achieve work/life balance while increasing productivity and happiness.


Yoga energizes, heals and restores. A regular yoga practicing helps reduce stress while cultivating strength and flexibility both physically and mentally. It helps relieve neck and shoulder strain as well as lower back pain, and is an ideal remedy for anyone who sits at a desk or stares at a computer screen. Yoga promotes health. When employees feel well, they are cooperative, productive and less likely to call out sick. 

Choose from early morning, lunchtime or late day sessions. Each session runs between 30-60 minutes and can be adapted to meet the needs of the office. Employees will feel refreshed and energized.

Cultivating mindfulness means learning to tap into and focus our own wasted energies. In doing so, we learn to calm down [and] dwell in extended moments of deep well-being and relaxation, of feeling whole and wholly integrated as a person. This nourishes and restores both the body and the mind. It makes it easier for us to see with greater clarity [and] helps us to channel our energy more efficiently in stressful situations.
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Mindfulness Consultancy


Bringing mindfulness and meditation to the workplace to improve your organization’s power and productivity.


DSNYC’s Mindfulness Consultancy

Mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress and increase happiness. DSNYC provides an on-site assessment of your organization and identifies areas for greater mindfulness. DSNYC recommends improvements and is available every step of the way to initiate, implement and integrate mindfulness practices thus ensuring a smooth transition to greater presence and productivity for the highest and most positive impact.

In as few as 3 visits, transformation is possible.

By implementing mindfulness practices, employees learn how to effectively manage their time for greater productivity as well as satisfaction. Mindfulness also promotes collaborative thinking thus supporting team cooperation and success. A mindfulness mindset transforms the work environment. Employees are happy, present and productive and therefore enjoy optimal work/life balance. Mindfulness practices ultimately improve sleep which contributes to overall health.  Healthy and happy employees are the foundation of your successful organization. 


Also available for Corporate Retreats in and around NYC, DC, Boston & Chicago.

Yoga is the process of removing old patterns and replacing them with new and more appropriate patterns.