Prenatal Yoga in NYC


Practicing yoga during pregnancy is an ideal way for you to prepare your body, mind and soul for labor, birth and motherhood. 

With regular practice, learn to listen deeply to your body as well as your intuition while cultivating strength and confidence. Movement and postures aid circulation and digestion while improving sleep and relieving physical discomforts. Abdominal and pelvic floor toning cultivate awareness and keep you feeling fit during pregnancy and well prepared for birth. Consistent breath practices reduce fear and anxiety so you can remain calm and focused while connecting with your child. Use mindfulness and meditation to ground and center yourself while reducing the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Every session also includes practical childbirth education.

Embody and celebrate your beauty and power during this sacred time.

A healthy family begins even before birth. Through prenatal yoga, a woman transforms by cultivating strength and confidence while learning to surrender. Baby also receives the benefits of the practice and is often born calm and alert. When a woman is healthy and happy and feels confident and supported, her family grows from a place of love. 

Private instruction is available at your convenience. Signature prenatal yoga group classes are also taught locally at Yogaworks. .

Stephanie is a wonderful pregnancy support. She creates a supportive environment for first time moms, teaches at a slow, but challenging pace, and is very attentive in and out of class. She’s also a doula which makes a huge difference in knowing what her students need, our anxieties and how to best prepare for birth. I highly recommend her classes! She’s the best!
- Diana R., 2017

You are a beautiful, empowered birthing goddess. Be guided by your heart and your breath.
— Stephanie Radler


Childbirth Education
and Preparation

Couples learn tools and strategies to create a calm and conscious birth. In this empowering, three-hour session, learn about the stages of labor and how to best manage them. Parents-to-be explore comfort measures and other strategies including acupressure and massage that help reduce fear and pain. Learn how to best navigate the hospital environment too. This fun and interactive session teaches you how to make the best decisions for your family. 

Private in-home instruction available for couples and small groups for $325.