Postnatal Healing & Recovery

Postnatal Package:
A 9-12 Week Guide to Healing and Recovery

Beginning as Early as 3 Weeks Postpartum

Session 1

Focuses on shoulder openers and restoring pelvic floor health and abdominal toning. Combines active and restorative poses for hormonal rebalancing. Includes breath awareness, mantra, aromatherapy and reiki to augment healing.

Session 2
Focuses on strengthening and toning through yoga asana while devising a practical plan to incorporate yoga into your daily routine. Establish healthy self-care habits by addressing time-management, nutrition, food preparation and sleep.

Session 3
Focuses on strengthening and toning with standing poses while repairing the diastasis recti and pelvic floor. Learn breath practices and meditations to calm and re-energize. Revisit the birth experience for clarity, acceptance and healing. Collaborate and devise an at-home practice for the first 6 months of motherhood.


Purchase the Prenatal and Postnatal Packages together to ensure a smooth and graceful transition into motherhood and to enjoy greatest savings.



Postnatal Yoga

Practicing yoga during the early days of motherhood is an ideal way for you to support your physical recovery while adjusting to this new stage in your family’s life. Postures support internal healing while helping to relieve fatigue and physical discomforts. Initially, the practice is gentle and deeply restorative as you regain strength. With regular practice, you create space to process your transformative birth experience and can resolve and reconcile any confusion or disappointments. This healing practice can help alleviate postpartum depression. Learn meditation and breath practices that are especially supportive during motherhood, helping you to remain calm and conscious as you raise your child. This practice is individually tailored to meet a woman’s specific needs.

Private postnatal yoga instruction is available for individuals and as a duet.


Reiki Healing

Reiki, a gentle hands-on technique, activates a client’s natural healing processes by balancing energy and restoring physical and emotional well-being. Reiki promotes relaxation and sleep and is ideal for a new mom who is experiencing hormonal fluctuations, stress, pain and/or fatigue thus helping her to confidently care for her newborn while practicing self-care. It benefits breastfeeding too. Several sessions are recommended in order to receive optimal and cumulative benefits. The client remains fully clothed. The in-home session lasts about 75 minutes.