Postnatal Yoga in NYC


A Healing Practice

Practicing yoga during the early days of motherhood is an ideal way for you to support your physical recovery while adjusting to this new stage in your family’s life. Postures support internal healing while helping to relieve fatigue and physical discomforts. Initially, the practice is gentle and deeply restorative. Slowly, you regain your strength. By giving yourself plenty of time to recover, discover ways to connect with and celebrate your new body as you bond with your baby. With regular practice, you have the opportunity to process your transformative birth experience and can resolve and reconcile any confusion or disappointments. This healing practice can help alleviate postpartum depression. Learn meditation and breath practices that are especially supportive during motherhood, helping you to remain calm and conscious as you raise your child. These ancient tools are easily incorporated into modern life. Reiki complements instruction. This practice is individually tailored to meet a woman’s needs and can accommodate new mammas who wish to practice together as well as the partner who’d like to join.

Private postnatal yoga instruction is available for individuals and as a duet.