Curious Child 

An Educational Service

Igniting Curiosity in Children
Ages 0-4

This one-on-one approach to learning honors your child’s individuality and aims to nurture curiosity by responding to her needs and interests. Stephanie will guide, inspire and teach your child. As a private tutor, Stephanie engages your toddler, body, mind and spirit, while supporting your intention to raise a kind and conscious child. With unstructured play, your child’s imagination is limitless. Igniting your toddler’s curiosity and love of learning lays the foundation for future academic success. 

In a technological world, old-school, hands-on learning is key. Ancient wisdom meets modern life.

When learning, movement and mindfulness intersect, healthy patterns are established. Research shows that mindfulness supports the developing brain.  Mindfulness builds resilience while enhancing attention and concentration. It also aids immunity and promotes better sleep.  By modeling and teaching mindfulness, your child experiences the body/mind connection and learns to recognize the signals in her body to understand and cope with her emotions. This helps your child self-regulate and can reduce the need for medication. Mindfulness builds stronger brains as well as social and emotional intelligence.  

NYC is our playground. By visiting parks, museums, libraries and farmers’ markets, your child learns about nature, art and science. Language-based learning is the springboard for imagination and play.

With loving guidance Stephanie helps your child explore:
Letters, sounds, numbers, measurement, shapes, colors
Reading, reading and more reading

For school-aged children:

Study time-management

This premium service provides discerning parents with peace of mind and expert child care, focused on learning. It also affords parents necessary time for their self-care, an essential ingredient for a healthy family.

3 hr. Session. Single Child or Duet.
Book Additional 1 hr. Segments, up to a 5 hr. Visit. 
Weekday and Saturday availability.

Mindfulness training is essential for optimal learning and emotional balance, and to protect the developing brain from negative effects of excessive stress.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn