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Breath Practices for Motherhood

Breath practices are an essential aspect of the yoga practice and are particularly helpful to a woman throughout the birth process. Using the breath as a focal point is an effective way to steady the mind.  Breath techniques literally create space on a physical level.  Ultimately, creating space in the body creates space in the mind. Learn about the best practices for pregnancy, postnatal healing and motherhood.

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Establishing a Home Practice

Quiet, sacred alone time is necessary for every mother. A home yoga practice affords a mamma time for herself. At first, no props are needed. You have only to clear space in your home, in your day and in your mind. Come to class to explore various movements and poses. Then, when practicing at home, as in labor, trust your body to tell you what you need, when you need. In time, add props to expand your practice and breath practices to quiet the busy mind. Like a newborn, a home practice needs attention and care. With steady dedication, it grows. Nurture it, and it will nurture you.

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