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Breath Practices for Motherhood

Breath practices are an essential aspect of the yoga practice and are particularly helpful to a woman throughout the birth process. Using the breath as a focal point is an effective way to steady the mind.  Breath techniques literally create space on a physical level.  Ultimately, creating space in the body creates space in the mind. Learn about the best practices for pregnancy, postnatal healing and motherhood.

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How the Path of Pregnancy Echoes the 8 Limbs of Yoga-Part 2

The third limb of yoga, asana, may be the most familiar to us. Asana are shapes, postures or poses. Asana benefits a woman physically, mentally and emotionally as she prepares her body, mind and soul for the challenges of labor, birth and motherhood. A regular and consistent practice of asana helps a woman feel well and confident, and makes a positive impact on the birth of her family. 

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Mindfulness and Your Breath

Mindfulness is an essential component to living a healthy, satisfying and joyful life. Mindfulness helps us develop agency and wisdom as well as kindness and compassion. It has also been shown to benefit our health and well-being as well as our longevity. Finally, mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress.

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