We all have a story.


Doula Support NYC aims to support and nurture families through the sacred transitions of life. The beginning and the end of life are often tinged with fear and anxiety. They’re also periods with potential for healing, transformation and reconciliation as well as joy, laughter and spiritual awakening. DSNYC celebrates all family members, young and old, throughout the life cycle, through movement and mindfulness. 

Mindfulness, keen moment-by-moment observation, helps us cultivate consciousness and connection.

Yoga is mindfulness.  



Stephanie Radler, NYC Doula

I began practicing yoga when my children were young, at about the ages of 4 and 6 years old. It was love at first experience. Yoga became the best self-care practice for me as a mother. At the time, I was teaching English at a local private middle school while raising two bright and energetic children. Yoga helped me center. Through my practice, I’ve let go of unhealthy behaviors and relationships, and have consciously cultivated a life that is grounded in self-love and care and that is aligned with who I am on a soul-level.  

Eleven years ago, I took my first yoga teacher training and have embarked on a light-filled path, to share the wisdom of these ancient tools and techniques. Now I have the honor and privilege of sharing what I love with families, whether it’s in the yoga studio, a private home, the hospital or a care facility.    

By nature, I’m an optimist. I was a cheerleader for years. I’m a teacher at heart.  

Today, I am present and available to support all members of the family. Modern life is stressful with many distractions. Through mindful movement and meditation, stress and anxiety subside as presence and gratitude arise. By retrieving, reviving, and revitalizing valuable ancient practices, we can navigate modern life successfully and compassionately throughout the life cycle. Mindfulness is key to fostering healthy families and healthy communities.  

With DSNYC, learn how to incorporate mindfulness into every moment. Learn how to consciously cultivate presence for the health and wellness of your whole family.   



bachelors of arts
masters of arts
certified yoga instructor
dona doula 

life-long student and spiritual seeker
serving women and families since 2007