Mindfulness. Meditation.  

In the Workplace and at Home.




Bringing mindfulness into every moment for health, productivity and relaxation



Mindfulness Services


Pregnancy & Birth

Cultivate mental and physical strength and stamina while preparing for a calm and conscious birth.

Workplace Wellness

Transform the workplace by transforming the mind, one breath at a time. Increase employee productivity and happiness.

Postnatal Healing & Recovery

Celebrate motherhood and connect with your new body while bonding with your baby.


The practice of mindfulness at any age is both simple and profound. Above all, it involves learning - learning how to cultivate greater self-awareness and greater awareness of others and the world, and then reaping the substantial benefits of that awareness, both inwardly and outwardly.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn


Gentle & Restorative Yoga

Maintain health, vitality and functional wellness with movement that supports joint health. Practice postures that facilitate greater ease of the breath while cultivating self-awareness and presence.  Additional healing modalities such as  reiki, aromatherapy and meditation promote the ultimate experience of calm and relaxation and improve sleep. Ideal for any stressed-out New Yorker as well as anyone with injury, chronic pain or a medical condition. 

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“I am so thankful for Stephanie’s attentive nature. She is the only teacher I’ve worked with who so diligently checks my pose and gently corrects it. She knows her students by name, which has always made me feel very welcomed. Her voice is calm and soothing, and the Reiki portion of the class feels so great that it’s often the highlight of my week.”

-Shiri H.