We all need support.
Everyone deserves a Doula.

Doula care means getting all the emotional and physical support you need when starting a family.   Doula Support NYC is Manhattan-based and available in a New-York-minute to guide you every step of the way through the birth process.  Whether you’re thinking of starting a family, recently found out you’re pregnant or are weeks away from giving birth,  doula care puts you at ease and helps you feel more confident.  Doula Support NYC listens and provides guidance, answers the questions keeping you up at night and helps you envision a calm, conscious and satisfying birth.   Doula Support NYC is a valuable resource that helps you incorporate and maximize the benefits of the mind/body connection.  Doula care also means having constant companionship during labor and birth and support during the precious and sometimes overwhelming days after baby’s birth.

Choose Doula Support NYC to ensure the graceful birth of your family.   With experienced, knowledgeable and nurturing doula care, maintain health, balance and joy during this special time.

Choose Doula Support NYC and receive the respectful and non-judgmental care you deserve.  With Doula Support NYC, make the best decisions for yourself and the ones you love.

“I highly recommend
Stephanie as a genuinely loving,
knowledgeable and reassuring
source of labor support.”


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